Sunday, September 18, 2011

Prize Ribbon SURPRISE!

Well it happened just like I knew it would. I was pretty much under control for ArtFEST 2011 (next Saturday September 24th) all I had to do was finish some decorations. But then it hit me...

I need to make Prize Ribbons! After all I had several days left before boarding the plane to Winston.

I made one for myself out of an old photo that I picked up at an antique shop. Of course I had to black the eyes out to turn them into zombies and added some gold glitter. After all- zombies should be sparkly.

Sparkly vintage zombies!
At first I thought these would be rather simple to do. But since when is anything easy?

Here is just a quick run down of the steps involved...
1. cut image to size of pre-made wooden cicle.
2. adhere the image to the wooden circle.
3. varnish the image and paint the edges of the wood.
4. make rosettes or burst style ribbons by sewing the ribbon to a large felt circle.
5. i chose to distress my ribbon by crumpling and fraying.
5. glue the wooden circle side to the ribbon formation using industrial glue.
6. sew a pin to another felt circle and adhere it to the back.
7. VIOLA! prize ribbon.

These are beautiful to wear. That is what I will do with mine. But also would be lovely pined to some fabric inside of a frame to hang as art on the wall.

Close up of "Harriet Saves the Day"
"Not So White" print on my $15.00 dress from Syms
"An Axe to Grind" print on my NOT $15.00 Ana Sui dress

I only made a total of 7 of these. So come by early to the show Saturday if you'd like to be sure to get one. They are over sized, over the top and one of my favorite things that I have made for the show. Hope to see you there.

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