Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gettin' Crafty with Maybelle

They say less is more. I'm not sure who "they" are but I'm quite sure "they" are wrong.

I take after my aunt Cleta and my Maw Maw. Cleta from my mom's side of the family and Maw Maw from my dad's- so you see there was no escaping for me. Both of these lovely ladies were beadazzling and glitterizing everything before it was the cool thing to do.

Well lately I've been on this crazy bicycle kick. I've been reading bike blogs, taking bike safety classes, going to bike shows etc. I dream of having a lovely Dutch step through with a front wicker basket and maybe some canvas roll up panniers. Pretty much any bike from AdelineAdeline bikes would do just fine!

Some days I think I will get a new fancy bike then I think of it parked on the street getting stolen- that makes me sad. The nicer the bike the bigger the target. So then I think Maybelle is just fine. She's a good solid bike. She just is not cute and I like cute.

I had this great idea to fix her up with some flowers. I live in Manhattan where you can get ANYTHING! But where do I get fake flowers? Michael's Crafts is a good bet but that is a couple hour ordeal at the least due to the location. I looked on line and by the time you pay shipping the price was a bit too crazy for some crappy old fake flowers. Keep thinking.

This weekend we had to go to the "Country" (Brooklyn) Greenpoint to be exact. There were dollar stores everywhere! Filled with faux flowers! I chose a lovely bunch of cream and pink peonies for the low low price of $2.41. Yes!

When we got home I got busy glueing zip ties to the backs of all the blooms so they'd be set for Sunday's ride to burlesque class.

This stuff will glue anything!

Yay for zip ties!

Ok, so she's no Dutch beauty, but at least she's a bit more jazzier than before. Cleta and Maw Maw would be proud!

The bell pictured here comes in rather handy
Maybelle takes a little break on the way home for a photo opp
This basket carries my Long Champ bag which holds the day's supplies- lunch, gym clothes etc

Lookin' good coming and going


  1. Beautiful! Maybelle is a lovely bike; vintage Raleighs are great.

    Another good place to find cheap fake flowers is thrift stores. I've bought a few tacky old wreaths to use their flowers.

    I am intrigued by the mention of riding to burlesque class!

  2. Ha! Read today's blog it'll tell ya bit more about burlesque class. Thanks for the thrift shop idea. There is a Goodwill up the street I can check out sometime. Thanks for reading!